Whole Foods Market

November 8, 2016 vssj30 0

Carol from the marketing department is working with the bakery department to bake a delicious dessert for our 30th Celebration! Will it be a cake? cupcakes? or pumpkin pie? We’re [Read More]

Snacks from Eden Foods

November 2, 2016 vssj30 0

Everyone attending will receive one of these great selections from Eden Foods to snack on. Eden Foods carries a wide variety of organic, non GMO, clean food: Rice, beans, canned [Read More]

Cookies for Dessert from Nomoo

November 1, 2016 vssj30 0

Butter Doesn’t Mean Better. No dairy. All Cookie. How can something so delicious be dairy free? Because Nomoo Cookies carefully crafts and spares no expense by using the finest ingredients like rich [Read More]