Panel Discussion – Veg Life Q & A

Our panelists have a wide range of experiences and are here to answer to the best of their ability questions about vegetarianism, veganism and transitioning to a plant-based diet.

Dr. Janet Erickson (Moderator) Janet is the founder and president of VSSJ and veg for 31 years. She has run and facilitated countless educational and outreach programs promoting the benefits of vegetarianism and the veg lifestyle. She specializes in helping people discover a dietary program that aligns with their personality and lifestyle and one that they can sustain over the long haul.

Dr. Horatio (Raysh) Daub, MD is a vegan physician in South Jersey specializing in Geriatrics.

Freya Dinshah is president of American Vegan Society (AVS), a lifetime vegetarian, and vegan for fifty-four years. She is editor of American Vegan magazine and author of many vegan cookbooks. She serves as a nutrition educator and teaches basic cooking skills to children at after-school programs in southern NJ.

Heather Kristian is VSSJ’s secretary and has been a vegetarian for over half her life. This includes seven years as a vegan, during which time she had a vegan pregnancy and is raising her child as a compassionate vegetarian. Grassroots activism/writing will always be her first love. She can speak to veg life in an omnivorous house, joys of veg pregnancy/parenting, and challenges of working with volunteers.

Eric Nyman, a vegan for nearly ten years, is proprietor of Wildflower Earthly Vegan Fare restaurant which has been open in Millville, NJ since 2011. He is the organizer of Vegstock Vegan Festival, a free educational event to integrate and inspire vegan living, is a Vegan Information Point for American Vegan Society and recently co-hosted a four-week vegan cooking class.

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