The Look Great, Feel-Amazing Change-the World Lifestyle

Get ready for a this dynamic presentation by our Keynote speaker Victoria Moran, Author: The Good Karma Diet, Main Street Vegan, Creating a Charmed Life; Director, Main Street Vegan Academy; Host, Main Street Vegan


Your genes aren’t the half of it: you can look and feel lighter, younger, and more alive than you did at twenty if you learn how to make healthy living practical, natural, affordable, and fun.  It can be – with the Look-Great, Feel-Amazing, Change the World Lifestyle, a holistic program to manage your mood; move your body (without wishing you were somewhere else); eat colorful, compassionate, glorious food; and get on the victoriadetox bandwagon so you can live in radiant health despite the stressors and pollutants of the 21st century.
This fast-moving presentation treats familiar topics in ways you’ve never heard before, with lots of laughter, and relatable true stories that make the information stick.  The speaker is not only a certified Holistic Health Counselor (HHC, AADP), she walks the walk – keeping off a 60-pound weight loss for over 30 years and exuding the vitality and exuberance you can realize for yourself by putting these simple principles to work in your own life at your own pace.  This isn’t about perfection: it’s about loving every day of your life.

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