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VSSJ Fundraising & Donations

VSSJ has held a number of vegan bake sales, vegan soup sales, raffles & auctions, and other fundraisers to support various animal welfare and environmental organizations and charities.  Since March 2011, VSSJ has raised approximately $5841!

VSSJ has also made donations to numerous worthy causes.

If you'd like to help with one of VSSJ's upcoming fundraisers, please contact us: or 609-848-VEG1 (8341).

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Our contributions since 2011:

Date Organization Amount
12/2016 Animal Welfare Association $79
6/2016 Woodford Cedar Run Wildlife Refuge $187
4/2016 The Cow Sanctuary
See thank you letter
12/2015 Abandoned Angels Animal Rescue $143
10/2015 The Cow Sanctuary
See thank you letter
4/2015 Oasis Animal Sanctuary
See thank you letter
3/2015 Save the Animals Foundation ~$1175
2/2015 Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue $170
12/2014 Animal Friends Furever
See photo
11/2014 The Cow Sanctuary
See the cows and pigs we're supporting
11/2014 Farm Sanctuary's Adopt A Turkey Project
See our adopted turkeys
3/2014 Save the Animals Foundation ~$500
3/2014 Animal Friends Furever
See thank you card and photo
11/2013 Farm Sanctuary's Adopt A Turkey Project
See our adopted turkeys
10/2013 All They Need is Love Animal Shelter $305.50
4/2013 Almost Home Animal Shelter $61.50
3/2013 Save the Animals Foundation ~$70
12/2012 Animal Welfare Association $178
11/2012 Farm Sanctuary's Adopt A Turkey Project $224
10/2012 Furrever Friends Rescue & Volunteers, Inc. $222
6/2012 Unexpected Wildlife Refuge $85
4/2012 Have-A-Heart Guinea Pig Rescue $247.15
3/2012 Save the Animals Foundation ~$50
5/2011 The Cow Sanctuary ~$235
4/2011 Earth Save $78.50
3/2011 Save the Animals Foundation ~$50

Our donations since 2016:

Date Organization Amount
7/2016 Animal Protection League of New Jersey (APLNJ)
2nd annual Ride for the Animals
2016 Various
3 free memberships (for fundraising prizes)
2016 Medford Leas
Gift basket (for fundraising prize)

Page last update:   January 12, 2017