Vegetarian Life

Spring 2000

welcome to our spring edition of Vegetarian Life.  We have come together for some great activities over the winter months. In January    we held a “Vegetarian Celebration Day. There were informative workshops, cooking classes, and  a delicious dinner to top off the day. Attendance was high and everyone had lots of fun! Thanks to all the special volunteers who helped to make this a wonderful experience for everyone! You’ll find several of the recipies from the dinner on page 7   of this issue. We had a great Valentines Day party at the Evergreen Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ, with a delicious Buffet Dinner and an entertaining Kareoke contest. In March we celebrated the Great American Meatout with 2 events. The first was at the Singapore Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ with a wonderful Buffet meal, door prizes and beautifully relaxing guitar music presented by Gerry LaMonte.  The second was at Fresh Fields Whole Foods Market in Marlton where Janet Erickson, President of VSSJ spoke on Vegetarianism. Everyone who attended learned something new to lead a healthier life. Fresh Fields provided delicious samplings of their vegetarian specialties. Our Vegetarian Neighbors  whose home base is in the Vineland/Malaga area have been having some great get togethers with high attendance and more happy faces. Thanks to everyone for all their efforts in supporting VSSJ!    






THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY of South Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism. The society provides literature, videos, cooking classes, displays and speakers to various organizations. 


The Vegetarian Society is also a social organization, providing various opportunities for people to meet and share meals and fun. We support all endeavors towards a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage members to actively participate in all efforts towards caring, consciousness, conservation, and compassion. 


Vegetarian Life is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Please send interesting information, letters, articles, and ideas to:

VSSJ PO Box 272 Marlton, NJ 08053



Janet Erickson (856) 983-3964

Vice President/Treasurer

Dale Azaren (856) 871-3068


Cory Lauden (856) 753-3431

Membership Coordinator

Terry Green


Myrna Weinstein (856) 234-7615

Tabling Coordinator


Singles Coordinators

Terri Warm

Newsletter Coordinator

Janet Erickson (856) 596-3269

Vegetarian Neighbors

Roshan Dinshah (856) 694-3025



P.O. Box 272 Marlton, NJ 08053   Phone 1-877-WWW-VSSJ  Web site