Restaurant Review

Evergreen Healthy Gourmet Vegetarian Restaurant

By Mel Snyder


My wife, Norma, and I had been going to the Evergreen Restaurant for several years before it moved from Deptford to Cherry Hill. Shortly after they made the move, about 9 months ago, we went to the new location at 2087 E. Marlton Pike (Route 70) and had a great meal. It was so good that a week later we brought back a group of 10 friends. The kitchen and wait staff was all new and it was very difficult for them to coordinate the meal so that all ten were served concurrently. The food was good but our friends were not pleased with the disjointed service.



We decided to give Evergreen a few months to adjust.  This time, we were accompanied by the VSSJ President Janet Erickson and her husband Arnold Brod.



We decided to share four appetizers and two main dishes.



For the appetizers we had: Spring Roll, Eva Scallion Pancake, Mama Pong’s Special Sushi, and Bar B. Q. Finger Licking. The Spring Rolls and the Pancakes were nice and crispy. My favorites were the Scallion Pancake and the Finger Licking. They were all good, but I’m not a sushi fan and feel that the other choices were better.



Our main dishes were the Egyptian Marinated Beef (Norma’s long time favorite) and Lions Head (Clay Pot Stew). They were served with plenty of brown rice. The Egyptian Beef was the spicier and more flavorful of the two and I like the consistency of their vegetarian beef. The Lions Head stew had balls of mock chicken which have a softer consistency along with some Tofu, Shallots, Ginger, Cellophane Noodles and Cabbage. It was good but I prefer the spicier dishes and the  firmer consistency of the mock beef. This was topped off with a large pot of Green Tea.



The service was attentive but not pushy. The food was served in a leisurely manner and we had plenty of time to tell Janet and Arnold about our recent vacation in New Zealand.


Evergreen also has a lunch menu so Norma and I decided to go back for lunch three days later. We ordered two bowls of the “Big Bowl (Wu-Long) Noodle Soup. One was ordered with Veggie Wonton and the other with Veggie Beef. They were both delicious! The lunch was served with salad and house dressing. The bowls of soup were so large that we each took some home for another time.


If you are looking for a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner, I would put Evergreen on the top of your list.


They are open everyday except for Monday.



Food For Thought

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Through the vegan lifestyle we aspire towards emotional, mental and physiological balance.  The ritual of eating can be a reminder of a process that is much bigger than we are, one that allows natural law and the intelligence of the universe to guide us to the awareness that there is much more to food than “fast” and “convenient”.


Since the health benefits of a plant-based diet are well documented and no one can honestly dispute the fact that vegans have much lower risks of illness, I wonder why more people aren’t Vegan.


At the Veggie Celebration we learned that by eating a plant-based diet, we are fostering the essence of    true humanity...compassion. We understood that veganism is not only about what we eat, but is also a lifestyle that has far reaching effects into the foundations of society. 


To top off the evening there was a gourmet vegan buffet that was a perfect end to an inspiring and thought provoking day.  It was a wonderful dinner that spoke for itself, as if to say, “It all starts and ends here, with this food.  Partake and be well.”


Editor’s note: There were many interesting workshops at the Vegetarian Celebration. All who attended went home with much enthusiasm about their decision to support a plant based diet.



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