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THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY of South Jersey is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism. The society provides literature, videos, cooking classes, displays and speakers to various organizations.


The Vegetarian Society is also a social organization, providing various opportunities for people to meet and share meals and fun. We support all endeavors towards a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage members to actively participate in all efforts towards caring, consciousness, conservation, and compassion.


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Vegetarians. . . . . Trendy and shallow?

The following is a letter that was written to The Trend from Cory Lauden regarding the Opinion column that referred to vegetarians as "trendy..... shallow." Thought you might like to see what she wrote:

Dear Mr. Zimniuch:
†††† I take exception to a statement you made in your Opinion column, "Those Fabulous Fads", in the September 10, 1999, issue of The Trend.
†††† You start out the seventh paragraph by stating that "Vegetarians were hot for a while, but too shallow to stick around for long. Too trendy and the crap they eat tasted horrible."
†††† As a 19-year vegetarian who knows many other vegetarians who have lived much of their lives as such, I am writing to tell you that vegetarianism is alive and well, growing in numbers each year. I know vegetarians in their 50ís and 60ís, all the way down to vegetarians in their teens and 20ís. Although each of us has our own reasons for being vegetarian (for health; ethical, moral and/or religious reasons; the environment; animal rights issues), it certainly is not a trend or merely a passing fad -- vegetarianism is here to stay.
†† Just take a look around the Berlin area, and you will see for yourself ample evidence of this.
†††† Whole foods -- the so-called "health foods" on which many vegetarians thrive -- are making their way from smaller health food stores onto the shelves of mainstream supermarkets.

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