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   Howard Lyman's long awaited new book more than lives up to expectations.  The lead-off chapter tells the inside story of the infamous Texas Beef Defamation lawsuit, in which the author was one of the co-defendants with Oprah Winfrey. Although they won, the case did put honest critics everywhere on notice as to the potential costs of truth telling and whistle blowing about agribiz foods.

  Lyman ran for Congress in 1982 on an environmental anti-agribiz platform in Montana.  He lost with just 48% of the vote.  He has learned the ins and outs of lobbying in Washington and doesn't pull any punches about how big government is run, and for whom. We have all heard him lecture about the Golden Rule of politics: "Them that has the gold gits to make the rules!"

  This certainly seems true in agriculture where the

policy cards are so stacked against the small family farmer. "When I sold my farm in 1983, there were about 1,250,000 full-time commercial family farms in America.  Today about 400,000 remain. At this rate, the family farmer will be virtually extinct within a decade."

  Mr Lyman touches on many subjects including: mad cow disease, individual and world health problems, foods and fads, the miserable realities of genetically engineered and otherwise manipulated foods. This is a well-written, documented and highly readable book.

  As a 4th-generation cattle-rancher, farmer, and feedlot operator, the author saw and learned enough to realize the folly of what he was doing.  After a bout with serious illness, he changed his way of living completely.  Today he is vegan, Project Director of the Eating with Conscience Campaign of the Humane Society of the United States, President of the International Vegetarian Union.



  "I can honestly say that there is not a man on this planet I respect more than Howard Lyman.  I cannot speak highly enough of the man, his work, or his book.  Mad Cowboy is his story, and it is truly one of the most important ones of this century.  Buy ten copies; give them to people you love.  This is the real thing."

-- John Robbins, founder of Earth Save author, “Diet For A New America” Review from Ahimsa, (July/Sept, 1998, Vol 39, No. 3) quarterly magazine of the American Vegan Society Ordering info: 223 power-packed pages. 5 1/2 x 8 1/4". Hardbound. $23 postpaid from AVS, PO Box 369, Malaga, NJ 08328



Turkey-less Books
It seems that these days the emphasis of Thanksgiving centers around eating the turkey rather than on being truly thankful for all we have. The smiling image of the gregarious bird is found on everything from festive flags that wave from front porches to supermarket flyers offering free turkeys as a bonus for your food dollars. For animal lovers who enjoy reading to their children, it can be difficult to go into a bookstore and pick out a book   that makes no mention of eating turkey. We are to the rescue: we have compiled a list of books for children that put the emphasis elsewhere -- not on devouring a turkey! We have tried to cover different age ranges, offering at least one selection for each age range. Please note that the six books marked with an * have been personally reviewed by an ARO staff member, and are guaranteed turkey-free as far as it being part of the meal. The other books listed, however, may contain a reference to turkey being included as part of the meal, so please check through them carefully before making your purchase.
* The Tasty Thanksgiving Feast : A Lift-The-Flap Book by Suzy-Jane Tanner Reading level: Baby-Preschool. Harpercollins
Juvenile Books; ISBN: 0694011223
* Barney's Thanksgiving
Stephen White Chris Sharp (Illustrator)
ISBN: 1570644594 Publisher: Lyrick Pub.
* The Squirrels' Thanksgiving
Steven Kroll Jeni Bassett. Ages 4-8. ISBN: 0590108379
Publisher: Running Press Book Publishers
* Silly Tilly's Thanksgiving Dinner (I Can Read Bk) by Lillian Hoban. Reading level: Ages 4-8. Harpercollins Juvenile Books; ISBN: 0064441547
* The Thanksgiving Monster (Muppet Lift-The-Flap Book)  by Alison Inches, Richard Brown (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Puffin; ISBN: 0140562397
* A Turkey for Thanksgiving
by Eve Bunting, Diane De Groat (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8  Clarion Books; ISBN: 0395742129
* Dinosaurs' Thanksgiving (Read With Me Paperbacks)by Liza Donnelly Reading level: Ages 4-8 (October 1995) Cartwheel Books; ISBN: 0590221957

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