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kitchen gardening Here's a kind of gardening that yields a harvest every week! It's available 12 months per year, from the cold north to the warm south. It's fun. It's easy. It's healthy and delicious. It's sprouting!

The Ten Benefits of Sprouting
1) The Freshness Factor. Fresh living food has life-giving qualities that can't be matched by mass market, long distance agriculture.
2) Whole Plant. Locally Grown. Sprouts are the only form of agriculture where the whole plant, including the mineral rich roots, are consumed. Getting fresh, locally grown green food is a bonus for Northern populations.
3) Available Year-Round. Whether you live in Alaska or Florida, or are walking the Appalachian Trail, you can enjoy live, baby vegetables anytime of year.
4) 100% organic. No chemicals. No certification necessary because you're the grower!
5) Nutrition. As baby plants, sprouts are eaten at the peak point of nutrition in the plants' lifetime. They are a powerhouse of nutrients, enzymes and phyto-chemicals.
6) Economics. Because sprouts multiply 6--12 times their weight as they grow, 50 cents of seed yields 1 LB of fresh greens. Seeds store for 5--10 years. No petroleum, airplanes or transportation were added to the cost of this food.
7) Digestibility. Sprouts have delicate cell walls and abundant enzymes which makes them easy to assimilate even for those with weak digestion.
8) Flavor. Tender buckwheat lettuce, hearty baby sunflower, raddichio, garlicky chives and much more. About 30 possible varieties.
9) 100's of Recipes have been created using sprouts. More than just salads - dips, spreads, casseroles, dressings, sprout breads, cookies, crackers, even pizza!
10) No Green Thumb Necessary. It's Easy! Just add water. No soil. No bugs. Works with normal room light. Takes one minute of watering per day.

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