THE VEGETARIAN SOCIETY of South Jersey is a nonprofit organization
dedicated to educating the public about vegetarianism. The society provides literature, videos, cooking classes,
displays and speakers to various organizations. 


The Vegetarian Society is also a social organization, providing various opportunities for people to meet and share meals and fun. We support all endeavors towards a vegetarian lifestyle and encourage members to actively participate in all efforts towards caring, consciousness, conservation, and compassion. 


Vegetarian Life is a forum for the exchange of ideas and information. Please send interesting information, letters, articles, and ideas to:

VSSJ PO Box 272 Marlton, NJ 08053



Janet Erickson (856) 983-3964

Vice President/Treasurer

Dale Azaren (856) 871-3068


Corie Lauden (856) 753-3431

Membership Coordinator

Terry Green


Myrna Weinstein (856) 234-7615

Tabling Coordinator


Singles Coordinators

Steve Faris (856) 767-8807

Newsletter Coordinator

Janet Erickson (856) 596-3269

Vegetarian Neighbors

Roshen Dinshah (856) 694-3025






Volunteers have

all the fun. . .

OK, well, not ALL the fun. But the volunteers of the VSSJ sure get a big piece of the fun at any event where they are helping out. It's a great way to get to know others and share experiences and ideas as you work side by side, with a new friend. You might even pick up a new skill or two!!


We are not a selfish lot and do not want to keep all the fun to ourselves. So now that the secret is out -- that volunteers have fun, too -- why not consider helping out at an up-coming event?  No experience necessary. Call Janet TODAY at (856) 596-3269

for more information.

Guaranteed to raise your personal
"Fun Factor!!!"


Thank you Judy

Judy Azaren has done numerous jobs for the vegetarian society and has been a tremendous asset to the growth of our organization. She will be taking a year off to finish her studies. Hurry back, we’ll miss you!

One of her main jobs was the Tabling Coordinator -setting up an information table at local events. Interested? Then call Janet (856) 596-3269.


By Cory Lowden
On Saturday, March 20, the Singapore Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant in Cherry Hill, NJ, was filled to capacity with over 80 people -- families, couples, singles, vegetarians, vegans, curious carnivores and animal rights activists fresh from a protest. People came together to enjoy a bounty of cruelty-free , plant-based food and to spend the afternoon (cont’d)