Survey reveals strong pet owner loyalty

A recent national survey of 1,252 pet owners by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) had some fascinating findings. Among these are:

        89% believe their pet understands all or some

††††††† of what they say.

        76% talk to their pets in a different voice.

        53% believe their pet would come to their rescue if they were in distress.

        56% spend an average of two or more hours of quality time with their pet each day.

        Nearly one-third spend more time with their pet than with family or friends.

        Love and attention were rated as the most important elements to ensure a petís quality of life.

        Only 2% have health insurance for their pet yet nearly two-thirds said they would spend $1,000 or more to save their petís life.

        More respondents read the nutritional labels on food they feed their pet than the labels on food they eat themselves - 41% and 37% respectively!

        80% believe their pet has exhibited jealous behavior, of these, 84% report that their pet was jealous of another pet.

        11% of cat owners have ended a personal or romantic relationship with someone because of their cat.

        48% consider themselves emotionally dependent upon their animals.

        83% are likely to risk their lives for their pets.

For more information on this survey and its findings, visit on the internet.


Does anyone ever wonder how someone who loves their pets could even consider eating the flesh of another animal? Do they know that their dinner is considered a pet by someone else? Do they know that cats and dogs are considered food in other countries? Do they know how other animals are suffering daily because we look at them as food and not pets?

Maybe they donít know. . .



Appel Farm Folk apple Farm folk Festival
By Cory Lowden
What could be better than a beautiful Saturday in June spent outdoors on a blanket, in a field, enjoying a day-long concert of live music?
Indulging in delicious vegetarian fare between acts!

Early on Saturday morning, June 5, members of the Vegetarian Society of SouthJersey and Vegetarian Neighbors began arriving at The Appel Farm in Elmer to set up their vegetarian food tent. The day was warm, sunny and pleasant. Vans, trucks and cars were unloaded, tables opened and set in place, coolers and boxes hauled, vegetables washed and sliced, grills stoked and lots of little odd jobs attended to. Finally it all came together, just about the time the festival opened around 11:30.

Various "stations" were set up under the tent -- a place to order and getbeverages, a food prep area, grilling area and the cashier. Volunteers were asked to choose two time shifts, and could work either at the same "station" or at a different "station" each shift. Time flew by quickly and we had so much fun that it seemed as if the shift was over just as soon as we mastered the task at any particular station.

To tempt tastebuds of veggies and non-veggies alike, on the menu were:
grilled veggie burgers or franks; hummus pita pocket; hummus, tabouleh and eggplant salad platter; chinese stir-fry. Desserts included vegan cookies, pastries, and brownies. Beverages included a wide selection of natural sodas or bottled water.

The VSSJ vegetarian tent was set up in just about the middle of other tents and booths which formed a horseshoe around the edge of a field. Over 50 artists did demonstrations and offered their wares for sale. Musicians, who performed on one of two stages set up on opposite ends of the farm,includedGreat Big Sea, Olu Dara, Bruce Cockburn, and Arlo Guthrie.

Many thanks to all, whose day of hard work and effort helped to make our vegetarian food tent a success!