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The Vegetarian Society of South Jersey (VSSJ) is an all-volunteer, nonprofit, tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is:

  • Educational:  To educate the public on the benefits of a plant-based diet.  Information is provided through literature, videos, cooking classes, and speakers.
  • Social:  To provide opportunities for people to meet, share meals, and to have fun.
  • Supportive:  To offer advice, encouragement, and friendship to those in transition to a vegetarian diet.
Join VSSJ!

VSSJ 's 30th Anniversary Celebration - Saturday November 19, Medford
VSSJ Potluck Dinner - Saturday May 21, 6:30pm, Marlton
VSSJ Free Lecture Series - Monday May 23, 7pm, Woodbury Public Library
VSSJ Business Meeting - Friday May 27, 6:30pm, Marlton

Visit our:
  • Get Involved page if you're looking for ways you can get more involved with VSSJ, including lots of volunteer opportunities.  VSSJ needs you!
  • Calendar of Events for details on VSSJ's potluck dinners, restaurant trips, tabling & other volunteer opportunities, speakers, movies, business meetings, and more
  • Affiliates page for ways you can support VSSJ
  • Member Benefits page to view discounts VSSJ members can enjoy
  • Member Advertisements page to view services offered by VSSJ members

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"Vegetarians have the best diet.  They have the lowest rates of coronary disease of any group in the country.  Some people scoff at vegetarians, but they have a fraction of our heart attack rate and they have only 40% of our cancer rate." 

--- William Castelli, MD, Director of the Framingham Heart Study, the world's longest ongoing investigation into heart disease and diet. 

For information, contact VSSJ at:

Vegetarian Society of South Jersey
PO Box 51, Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

609-848-VEG1 (8341)

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Officers & Coordinators:

President:   Janet Erickson  
Vice President:   Carol Githens  
Vice President - Operations:   Steve Fenster  
Secretary:   Heather Kristian  
Event Coordinator:   Lorraine Bal  
Membership Coordinator:   Theresa Anderson  
Outreach Coordinators:   Maryellen & George Zitzler  
Volunteer Coordinator:   open position (please contact VSSJ if interested)  

Page last update:   May 15, 2016