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This online coupon offer has expired – we are still including a $1 coupon as one of the coupons that we send out with new memberships to VSSJ. For membership benefit info and to join click here.

Dairy Free Indulgence has its just rewards! Have you tasted any Purely decadent desserts, sodelicious or soy delicious products from Turtle Mountain?? If not you might want to. They are soooo good :o This is the perfect time to get acquainted or reacquainted with their products. You can visit their website for some great money saving coupons. Here is what they say on their rewards page….

“We love sharing the dairy-free experience with our customers and with people who are interested in trying our vast array of premium dairy-free frozen desserts. So, we have created a variety of ways you and your family and friends can receive cents off coupons and/or enter to win a variety of prizes, from cool t-shirts, to free product, to even a year’s supply of dairy free ice cream!”

Coupons: We make it easy to try So Delicious® and Purely Decadent® dairy-free frozen desserts and refrigerated items.”
“Win A Year Supply: Take our survey and let us know what you think about our products. When you submit a survey you will automatically be entered into a monthly drawing for terrific prizes!”
Here is a direct link to their rewards page:




  1. Linda V.

    I already used my coupon. Bought the chocolate peanut butter frozen dessert. It was absolutely incredible.

  2. Admin

    I got the minis yummmmm

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