New VEGETARIAN restaurant in Collingswood NJ

A great big WELCOME to the “Green House” a Chinese vegetarian restaurant. Now through Oct 31st the Green House is offering a 15% discount for you to come in and enjoy their offerings and a 20% discount for members of VSSJ. Starting Nov 1st members of vssj will receive an ongoing 15% discount – another one of the many benefits to being a member.  Check out other benefits

You will be greeted by Tina or Jessie, both owners. They have a passion for vegetarianism and wanted to provide a place for vegetarians to enjoy a good meal.  They have done a great job of putting together an extensive menu that you can view online

Make sure you stop in soon and let them know that we appreciate their efforts to support the vegetarian community!

Restaurant reviews


  1. Lorraine

    Steve and I went to Green House tonight, and enjoyed it too. One of the dishes we wanted was unavailable so the server suggested Sesame Seitan; we also ordered Pepper Steak, the Lotus and Peanuts Soup and Seaweed Pancakes. The mock meats had excellent texture, and the “pancakes” were mostly seaweed (not like scallion pancakes), which I was glad about, but, in hindsight, I think they might have been made with eggs. The service was attentive and friendly. After I presented a VSSJ membership card, our server (not sure if she was Tina or Jessie) mentioned that Janet & Arnold were just there, and that I should say thank-you to Janet from her…. Lorraine

  2. Sam Jacobs

    I ate there with my cousin Donny during the first week they opened. I had General Tsao’s chicken and it was pretty good. Not the best i ever had in my life, but what a pleasure having a vegan restaurant (it is vegan, right?) in my own backyard.

  3. Emily

    I ate there 3 times already. I have been trying out different of dishes. my favor dishes are mash tofu with bbq sauces, Golden Rings and eight treasure hot pot… I wana try more. Please go try out and support this vegetarian restaurant!!! Because its really hard to find a Asian vegetarian restaurant in NJ!

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