Thanksgiving 2018

On Nov 11th we held our Annual Thanksgiving Potluck at the beautiful Moorestown Community House.

The food was delicious!

There were a lot of dishes to choose from – The food went fast!

Some of the attendees

Here is a copy of the Mad Libs type game that you can use with your family:

For some holiday fun – ask your family and friends for the things that are in [adjective, food, etc.] Then read the whole story.

It’s a little ______________ [adjective] to see a worksheet on my Thanksgiving plate where there should be nothing but a triple serving of vegan ______________ [Thanksgiving food]. But I also realize that this holiday is the only one where we talk about feeling grateful & ______________   [feeling]. So I wanted to be sure I took a moment to reflect on the past year, a year that has been filled with ______________ [activity] and ______________ [activity] and my absolute favorite thing to do, ______________ [favorite activity]!! I am grateful for my ______________ [body part], my _____________ [body part], and send extra light and love to my ______________ [body part]. I send love and good vibes to the people I am here with tonight, especially ______________ [person in the room]. To make more room for gratitude in my life I choose to release the feeling of ______________ [negative emotion] by intentionally and lovingly replacing it with ______________ [positive emotion]Choose to be thankful for the food before us, the friends beside us, and the love between us. May our lives be full of thanks and giving.

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