Tackling Type 2 Diabetes With Diet

Plant-Based News Academy brings you evidence based information that you can trust, that has worked for patients around the world to reverse their type 2 diabetes. They are offering a FREE six-PART course led by Dr. Vivian Chen, MBBS, MRCP, MRCGP, and supported by Dr. Michelle McMacken, MD, as well as other acclaimed experts in the lifestyle medicine and type 2 diabetes field.


  • MODULE 1: What you or your doctor may not know about diabetes
  • MODULE 2: The importance of reversing insulin resistance
  • MODULE 3: How to transition to a whole food plant based diet
  • MODULE 4: Recipes in the kitchen
  • MODULE 5: How to talk to your doctor and monitor your progress
  • MODULE 6: Other tips and testimonials

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“Great information! I feel inspired and hopeful.”

Kate F

“I would love to recommend this course to some people I know who have T2 Diabetes. It’s great to hear once again that this problem can be solved and uprooted by changing lifestyle choices and diet choices. Thanks PBN!”

Lee C

“Wow! This is incredible! Thank you so much PBN and all involved!”

Char D

“A very simple and informative course, well done!”

Benjamin E

“A most superb, clearly explained course, only more detail after this course will be helpful, adding it here would likely over complicate it before people move on to want to start it.”

Trevor H

“The revision after each module is definitely most useful to make sure all who go through it, understand the basics before going on to starting the diet and talking to their doctor.”

Simon S

“Great info presented simply and clearly.”

Judy R

“Thank you PBN and all the doctors involved! All this is such precious information! There are so many myths in the diabetes world unfortunately. Wish everyone would see this!”

Andreea M

“Thank you for providing us with this great course.”

Sarvesh J

To sign up for this course click here.

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