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The Ultimate Guide To A Vegan Pregnancy

This course is offered by Plant-Based News Academy. It is led by Dr. Gemma Newman – a UK-based medical professional and mother to two vegan children. They teamed up with Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine to bring you this comprehensive guide to having a healthy, happy, and vibrant pregnancy. Over more than 20 meticulously constructed modules, they cover a wide range of topics – from essential nutrients for a healthy pregnancy to what to expect throughout each trimester.  There is a minimal charge of $8.50

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What this short course includes:

Introduction to the course – Dr. Gemma Newman introduces the course.

Introduction to a vegan diet –  Dr. Gemma Newman returns with a crash course on vegan eating – and why it’s important to adopt a whole-food plant-based diet.

Is it safe to follow a vegan diet during pregnancy? – Dr. Gemma Newman joins forces with internationally acclaimed plant-based physician Dr. Neal Barnard to explain why a plant-based diet is the best option.

What should I avoid during (and ideally before) pregnancy? – Dr. Gemma Newman reveals the foods – and everything else – one should avoid pregnancy for optimum health, as well as a comprehensive explanation as to why.

The fish myth and information about omega-3 fatty acids – Dr. Gemma Newman explains why fish can in fact be harmful to human health, and how to get omega-3 fatty acids without it.

Introduction to supplements – Dr. Gemma Newman provides a comprehensive introduction to supplementation – including the common concern that is vitamin b12.

Why do vegans need to supplement B12? – Vegan paediatrician Dr. Ellen Storm explains why vegans need to supplement B12 during pregnancy

Vitamin D – Dr. Gemma Newman explains why vitamin D is essential to optimum human health and how to keep topped up on a plant-based diet

Iodine – Dr. Gemma Newman explains the importance of iodine and how best to get it on a plant-based diet.

Iron – Dr. Gemma Newman explains the role of iron in human health and how vegans can get enough

Calcium – Dr. Gemma Newman explains the importance of calcium and its role during pregnancy.

What about protein? –  Dr. Gemma Newman debunks protein myths and details how to make sure both mother and child are getting enough.

Managing morning sickness –  Dr. Gemma Newman presents a comprehensive guide to managing morning sickness as a vegan.

Weight gain and pregnancy –  Dr. Gemma Newman returns with Dr. Neal Barnard to explain the most common misconceptions around pregnancy and weight – and to establish realistic expectations.

Exercise and pregnancy –  Dr. Gemma Newman talks about the importance of exercise during each trimester, and how to transition from a sedentary lifestyle.

Mental health and pregnancy –  Dr. Gemma Newman talks about the importance of mental and emotional health during pregnancy – and explains how to maximise overall wellness.

The most common pregnancy mistake –  Nutritional expert Dr. Neal Barnard returns to explain the most common pregnancy ‘pitfall’ and how to avoid it.

Parent protocol immediately following birth –  Dr. Gemma Newman explains the importance of nutrition in the first two weeks after birth and outlines the most important things to focus on.

How babies benefit from a whole-food plant-based pregnancy –  Dr. Gemma Newman explains how what you eat during pregnancy affects your baby’s decision to eat more balanced, healthful plant-based diet.

Comprehensive guide to breastfeeding –  Dr. Gemma Newman covers topics including how to foster successful breastfeeding, whether it’s vegan, how it boosts the immune system and microbiome, and what to do if you have cracks or mastitis.

Case study 1: The ‘amazing’ vegan pregnancy –   Erin describes her first vegan pregnancy, and how it differed from those she’d experienced on a non-vegan diet.

Case study 2: The ‘happy and healthy’ vegan baby –  New mom Nikita explains why she went vegan while pregnant and reports on her happy and healthy vegan baby!

Case study 3: Specific meal options during pregnancy –   16 week pregnant lifestyle coach Amanda Fisher explains typical breakfast, lunch and dinner options during her vegan pregnancy. 

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