Teen Vegetarian Athlete

We would like to share with you a 3 1/2 minute video created by a teenager that won The Vegetarian Resource Group’s (VRG) video contest.

Topics for the contest were: food, nutrition, your feelings about veganism and/or vegetarianism, water usage and vegetarianism, vegetarianism and animal rights, or other vegetarian topics. This is Logan’s winning Vegetarian Athlete winning video.

Logan is a winner of The Vegetarian Resource Group video contest. Logan stated: I am very interested in getting the best out of my body and vegetarianism has the benefits I am looking for. Studies have shown that human’s bodies are better meant for a herbivore diet, and vegetarians are some of the healthiest people around.

This years video contest is underway. The VRG is accepting submissions of videos about what you want to tell others about vegetarianism and/or veganism. ONE $10,0000 SCHOLARSHIP PLUS TWO $5,000 SCHOLARSHIPS

Deadline is FEBRUARY 20, 2020.

For details click here

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