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In Case You Missed It

  • A brief history of Veganuary
  • In part due to PETA’s Week of Action efforts, Starbucks has announced it will add more vegan menu options and encourage customers to ditch dairy. That being said, there is still a upcharge for non-dairy milk at Starbucks locations, although the company is said to be investigating ways to ower this charge.
  • On February 1st, the inaugural Vegan Women Summit will take place in San Francisco. The event aims to bring together female leaders associated with veganism to inspire and empower female vegan changemakers at all levels within the movement.
  • Ben & Jerry’s, a Vermont-based company that makes both dairy and almond milk-based ice cream, will no longer claim its milk comes from “happy cows,” after an advocacy group filed a lawsuit disputing this claim. The Organic Consumers Association filed the lawsuit after it was revealed through testing that the ingredients in Ben & Jerry’s dairy-based ice cream contained biocide glyphosate, a known chemical used in factory farming. Currently, the company produces 12 flavors of non-dairy ice cream.
  • UK Channel 4 documentary Apocalypse CowHow Meat Killed the Planet is being hailed as a “must-see” for people who called themselves environmentalists but still eat meat and use animals products. 
  • Spotlight on Ruby Roth, vegan activist and author of several cookbooks and books about veganism for kids.

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