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In Cased You Missed It

  • Making the connection between climate change and meat consumption, or How to Eat Like the Planet is Burning.
  • Pizza Hut has announced plans to become a carbon neutral company by 2030, at least in its UK-based branches. Part of that plan includes eliminating all dairy-based products in favor of plant-based alternatives. Hopefully success in the UK will translate to the chain doing the same in the USA.
  • Trader Joe’s has rolled out a Vegan Macaroni and Cheese in its pre-made food section. And, in case you didn’t know, Trader Joe’s will soon be opening a location at the Towne Place section of the Garden State Park shopping center in Cherry Hill, NJ. While there is no official opening date yet, the company is “aiming for spring 2020.”
  • airKitchen, a Tokyo-based startup, is now offering vegan Japanese cooking classes with local hosts throughout Japan. Similar to Airbnb, travelers can match with a local host for an “intimate and memorable cultural experience.” 
  • A California senator has introduced The Iconic African Species Protection Act (SB 1175), a bill to ban the possession of several “exotic animal trophies.” If it passes, it will be the first legislation in the USA to do so. 

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