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Plant-Based In The News…

  • Actor and musician Jack Black has declared a person EcoResolution on Twitter: I’m giving up meat in favor of veggie burgers in order to “limit catastrophic climate change.”
  • Sophie’s Kitchen has donated 3,000 cases of vegan tuna to food banks across the San Francisco Bay Area. Company CEO Miles Woodruff personally distributed $210,000 worth of the brand’s Toona, saying “We believe that businesses should be used as a platform to do good and serve people. Right now, food banks need donations and as a startup, we can’t donate cash but we can donate our plant-based seafood.”
  • Mic the Vegan, a science YouTuber from the Midwest, took UK-based Plant Based News’ fast quiz challenge, answering 51 rapid-fire questions. Mic reveals how much work goes into one of his research-heavy videos, why he’s building a tiny house and he thoroughly debunks the carnivore diet. 
  • Burger Patch—Sacramento’s first all-vegan burger joint—has pledged to donate 100% of its profits through March to the #OURSacramento Save Our Restaurants fund.
  • According to Nielsen data, purchases of plant-based meat are up nearly 280% since the beginning of March.
  • A study published in The Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, which evaluated 212 plant-based spreads and 21 dairy-based butters produced in Europe and North America, has found that dairy butter production is 3.5 more times more damaging to the environment than its plant-based counterparts.

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