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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 10/11/20

  • Advocacy groups the Good Food Institute and the Animal Legal Defense Fund have filed a lawsuit on behalf of Tofurky challenging a new, anti-vegan labelling law in Louisiana. Read article.
  • Vegan deli Orchard Grocer has partnered with a group of female-owned businesses to launch the Lower Feast Side Vegan Bites Punchcard, which gives New Yorkers access to great local vegan food while supporting Safe Horizon’s Streetwork Project, an initiative that works with homeless youth. Read article.
  • The Kinder Cars Index reviews and ranks new cars by vegan-friendly status. Criteria considered include leather-free interiors and emissions output. Read article.
  • In response to the boom of plant-based meat sales in the UK, the National Sheep Association has released a statement claiming “vegan foods result in death.” Read article.
  • Musician Lenny Kravtiz has revealed in a recent interview that he is a vegan, and credits the lifestyle for his great health at the age of 56. Read article.

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