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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 10/18/20

  • VSSJ (that’s us) provided a detailed list of our member outreach during the Covid crisis Read more
  • A new vegan vending machine has been installed in London’s Hillingdon Hospital to help keep National Health Service workers energized and healthy. Read article.
  • French dairy company Bel Group, makers of Babybel cheese, has announced it is developing a plant-based version that will be available in 2021. Read article.
  • Lizzo recently celebrated on TikTok six months of living a vegan lifestyle with a powerful message of self-love: “Love yourself at all stages in your life.” Read article.
  • Vegan Fashion Week is launching its own permanent showroom in Los Angeles, aptly named the Vegan Fashion Library. Read article.
  • An interview with Veggie Mijas founder Amy Quichiz on why she started an organization dedicated to educating women of color about veganism, and how that intersects with decolonizing Latinx diets. Read article.
  • Institute of Plant-Based Medicine founder Dr. Angie Sadeghi talks with PETA on the link between global pandemics and the dangerous practice of eating animals. Read article.

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