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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 10/25/20

  • An executive sous chef at Universal Orlando has shared the recipe for Jack’D Up Mac, an incredibly popular vegan mac and cheese dish available at the resort’s Skeleton Bar. Read more
  • Joanne Molinaro, know as TheKoreanVegan on TikTok, discusses how going vegan helped her get in touch with her heritage. Read article.
  • Bodybuilder Jon Venus, who gained notoriety over the summer within the veg community for ditching veganism, has recommitted to the lifestyle, apologizing to his fans for his recent “cringy” meat-eating behavior. Read article.
  • Actress Kat Dennings has announced she has gone plant-based. “I will never be the same,” said the actress after viewing David Attenborough’s recent film A Life On Our Planet. Read article.
  • Food company Perfect Day has found a way to replicate whey, the milk protein that responsible for dairy’s creamy texture, without cows. Several vegan ice creams brands are already using the microflora-based ingredient. Read article.

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