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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 12/06/20

  • Celebrating Hannukah this week? has an all plant-based celebration guide. Read more.
  • Meet Ali Al-Salam,  the 33-year-old Saudi vegan bodybuilder shattering expectations. He started his vegan diet three years ago due to high blood pressure, but now his sights are set on challenging the deep-rooted notion among bodybuilders that consuming animal products is necessary to excel in the sport. Read more.
  • One ethical vegan’s perspective on dealing with the suffering of wild animals living outside of direct human control. Read more.
  • 15-year-old Mahogany Young has started a vegan candle company. The high school student went vegan two years ago, and said she wanted to make a candle line that makes “others think about their actions and what impact they have on our earth.” Read more.
  • A new study by Upfield Professional on emerging trends within the restaurant industry has found that 49% of chefs are cooking more plant-based dishes since the beginning of COVID-19 as part of a “wellbeing revolution.” Read more.

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