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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 12/27/20

  • A vegan advocate recently fooled a Fox News anchor live on air. DxE’s Matt Johnson posed as Smithfield Foods’ new CEO during the interview, expressing “remorse” for what he described as the company’s “legacy of abuses to public health, the environment, animals and its own workers.”  Fox News has admitted “we were punked.” Read more.
  • Stefan Salvatore–also know as actor and advocate Paul Wesley–has urged his 4+ million Twitter followers to go vegan in 2021, citing the dangers of factory farming that contributed to the current pandemic crisis.  Read more.
  • Several prominent  UK politicians have signed an open letter calling on the public to try a vegan diet during Veganuary to help tackle climate change.  Read more.
  • Gunda, a documentary that follows the life of a pig and her piglets, is both wowing critics and inspiring viewers around the world to consider the complex and emotional lives that animals lead. Read more.
  • Impossible Foods hit a charitable milestone this week. The plant-based company donated its millionth burger through its food donation program launched 3 years ago. Read more.

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