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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 04/25/21

  • Subway had collaborated with vegan artist P Money and producers Star.One to create the world’s first “plant-based” song to promote its vegan options. Read more.
  • Reese’s–yes *that* Reese’s–is the inspiration behind a new collaboration between the Hershey Company and HipDot beauty brand. While the famous peanut butter cups are made with milk, the “HipDot x Reese’s Make Up Collection” is 100% vegan. Read more.
  • Beyond Meat has struck a deal with CVS that will have the company’s meatless burgers and meatballs available for sale in over 7,000 locations nationwide. This “aligns with CVS’ larger effort to help its millions of customers make healthier choices by providing convenient access to a variety of food items,” Beyond Meat shared in a statement. Read more.
  • Watch actor and activist Joaquin Phoenix rescue a mother and baby cow pair in the short documentary Indigo. Los Angeles Animal Save released the film on YouTube for free on Earth Day. “We spend one day each year paying homage to our planet, Earth Day, but the other 364 days, we consume with impunity,” Phoenix said in a statement. “It’s undeniable the detrimental impact that animal agriculture has on the environment.”  Read more.
  • Humane Society International research has found that many purchased items from popular retailers–including eBay and Amazon–that were labelled as containing “fake fur” were actually made from real fur. A spokesperson for the UK branch said, “Ethical shoppers can’t shop online with confidence and avoid inadvertently buying real fur. It’s extremely disappointing that several well-known retailers still haven’t cleaned up their act, clearly a greater deterrent is needed to stop them mis-selling cruel fur.”  Read more.

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