Going Veg

Calcium in the Vegan Diet

By Reed Mangels, PhD, RD From Simply Vegan 5th Edition updated August, 2018 Summary: Calcium, needed for strong bones, is found in dark green leafy vegetables, tofu

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Vegetable soup

3 stalks Celery  1/2 Onion 1 clove Garlic  3 carrots diced  1 can cannoli beans  1 can chopped tomatoes  1 bag frozen spinach 1 can

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Plant Based Vacation Resources For Everyone

Vacation Resources Amusement Parks Bed & Breakfasts and Retreats Camps Cruise Helpful Travel Websites Outdoor Adventures Restaurant and Travel Guides Travel Tours and Services Vacation …

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Healthy Meals while Dining on a Cruise Ship

Cruise ships vary in the extent to which their menus accommodate travelers on lowfat diets. Some have menus which clearly differentiate the lowfat choices from …

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Making the Transition

Take it one step at a time to make a lasting change in your diet It’s easier than it looks Shifting to new unfamiliar patterns …

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Get cooking for new adventures in your kitchen

There’s nothing you have to give up! For every animal-based product out there, whether it is mayonnaise, cheese, meatballs or hamburgers, there are multiple options …

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Healthy Weight loss This Year

This Year, Aim for Healthy Progression, Not Instant Perfection! The New Year has arrived again, and many people are reevaluating their goals and making promising …

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