Member Appreciation Dinner and Presentation

On March 2, 2019 VSSJ held a dinner at the Medford Friends Meeting House in Medford NJ. Twenty-four attendees enjoyed a delicious dinner, music and presentation. Members saved $5 off the registration fee.

THANK YOU to our volunteers: Risa, Don, Maryellen, Joan, Janet, George and Reed who did such an amazing job putting this successful event together. What a great time we had cooking!

Everyone enjoyed a hearty meal: Vegetable Soup, Hummus Veggie Wrap and Baked Apple Crisp with Trader Joe’s Organic Soy Vanilla Ice Cream.


It was great to have Reed Alburger play dinner music – he is a superb musician! Listen to him perform “The Skye Boat Song”


George Zitzler’s presentation “Times They are a Changin” was a huge success – with the added bonus of a Bob Dylan soundtrack!

George’s presentation covered a lot: health problems caused by processed foods, support from plant-based health professionals, government and big food, food industries’ attitude in late 1990s versus the the food industries’ attitude now, the future of food in the USA and how you can do your part by going plant-based.

Here are some Highlights from his presentation:

How can I eat Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Diet?

  • Eat minimally processed whole foods.
  • Limit or avoid animal products.
  • Focus on eating plants, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, seeds and nuts.
  • Below are 2 guidelines, one for vegetarians, and one for vegans:

What can you do to promote Plant Based Food?     

  • Join plant-based groups like the Vegetarian Society of South Jersey.
  • Do not food shame. 
  • Be an example, but don’t be pushy.
  • Tell people what you eat, not want you don’t eat.
  • When planning to go out to eat, check out the restaurant’s menu online first, or call the restaurant for menu options.
  • Be a resource.
To locate a plant-based doctor in your area click here.


Congratulations to our prize winners!

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