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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 04/23/22

  • Vox investigation into the measurable difference you make when you eat less meat. Read more.
  • Here is a super simple brownie recipe that is vegan, full of magnesium, and has only 2 ingredients. Read more.
  • Looking for more ways to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet? Here are some great tips. Read more.
  • The Environmental Working Group has released this year’s “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen,” two lists of fruits and vegetables that generally contain the highest and lowest levels of pesticide present in non-organic produce. Strawberries were rated the “dirtiest,” while avocadoes were rated the “cleanest.” Read more.
  • Earth Day may have been April 22, but you can be an advocate for the Earth every day with this brochure from The Vegetarian Resource Group entitled “Save Our Water–The Vegetarian Way.” Read more.

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