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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 11/01/20

  • In a truly quixotical move, the USDA has requested a lawsuit to require SARS-COV-2 labeling of meat to be dismissed, while simultaneously awarding $1 million to Texas A&M to determine virus survival rate on meat and meat packaging. Read article.
  • An interview with Suzette Field, better known as the “Vegan Taxidermist.” Read article.
  • Actor and animal rights activist Alan Cumming has partnered with Vegan Outreach Scotland and Million Dollar Vegan to demonstrate to Scottish university students the benefits of a plant-based diet. Read article.
  • Thoughts on the differences between “vegan” and “plant-based.” Read article.
  • The EU Parliament has rejected Amendment 165, which would have banned the use of “burgers” and “sausage” on plant-based meat products. However, the Parliament supported Amendment 171, a similar proposal for plant-based dairy products.  Read article.

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