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What’s Going on in the Plant-Based World – Week of 07/18/21

  • New England Patriots player Lawrence Guy recently shared his meal prep during summer training. In the interview with ESPN, Guy credits his primarily vegan diet as a “primary factor” in how he has lasted 10 seasons in the NFL.  Read more.
  • A new documentary, The Last Pig, considers the question of ethical meat consumption by following a livestock farmer who becomes a vegan. Read more.
  • France’s Environment Minister Barbara Pompili is calling for her fellow countrymen and women to cut meat and cheese out of their diets in favor of plant-based options. Read more.
  • From vegan pregnancy and bone health to the benefits of fruits and veggies, the Vegetarian Resource Group’s most recent Vegetarian Journal issue discusses several scientific updates related to vegetarianism. Read more.
  • An interview with actress, model, and climate activist Lily Cole on the future of sustainable fashion. Read more.

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